Santos (SP) promotes beach cleaning awareness action and focuses on major events

Brazilian city hosts XIV Annual Conference of the Unesco Creative Cities Network until Saturday (23)

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During the XIV Annual Conference of the Unesco Creative Cities Network in the Brazilian city of Santos (SP), the organization of the event carried out an action to clean and raise awareness of the city's beaches. More than 300 authorities including mayors, secretaries and directors participated in the collective effort at Gonzaga. In all, 106 municipalities from around the world signed up for the forum.

The UNESCO Conference runs until Saturday (22) and has a global hub for exchanging experiences and information on culture, creativity and the creative economy in the urban context.

In 30 minutes of activities on Santos beach, 33 kilos of waste were collected, including cigarette butts, styrofoam, metals and plastics of various types, among other types of debris.

The event brings together representatives from cities around the world to share successful policies, good practices and reflections on the future. Among the participating cities are Quebec, Istanbul, Jakarta, Dakar, Seoul, Milan, Bristol and Guadalajara, among others.

''Santos is a city with a vocation for the sea and with a strong nautical tradition. Awareness actions such as cleaning the beaches are fundamental for the city and are part of our culture'', said Vanessa Lombardi, President of the Santos Convention & Visitors Bureau.

In addition to promoting tourism, Vanessa Lombardi is the CEO of Full Time, an event promotion agency that has been organizing the Ilhabela International Sailing Week for over 15 years. The company also promoted lectures and exhibitions on the environment and nautical culture.

''The city of Santos is an example for other municipalities and the Unesco Conference is proof of that! We are open to bring more international events focused on the environment, business, tourism and sport. We have a trade for that'', said Vanessa Lombardi.

The city of Santos will also host the UNESCO Oceanic Culture world event, which will bring together more than 25 countries, between October 10th and 15th. The city is considered a pioneer in Oceanic Culture.

Santos is the first city in Latin America to host the event, which brings together representatives from approximately 90 countries to share successful policies in the area of culture and creativity. The city of São Paulo joined the UNESCO Creative Cities Network in 2015.

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