Lars Grael and Guilherme Almeida won the Brazilian Star Championship 2021

With the result in São Paulo (SP), Lars Grael holds the record of 10 national Star titles

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The two times olympic medallist and Star class legend Lars Grael and the bowman Guilherme de Almeida won another Brazilian Star Nationals on July 11th, at the Yacht Club de Santo Amaro (YCSA), in São Paulo, Brazil.

The last result consolidates Lars grael as the most local winner with 10 titles. Guilherme de Almeida celebrated his third championship.

The event brought 13 doubles. Marcelo Fuchs and Arthur Lopes finished in second and Robert Rittscher and Marcelo Jordão in third.

The key to Lars Grael and Guilherme de Almeida's victory was their performance on the first day of the championship, on July 9th. The sailors did not give their opponents a chance and won all three races of the day.

On Saturday July 10th, the winds did not appear and only one race was held with Marcelo Fuchs and Arthur Lopes winning. On the last day, on Sunday (11), again the weather did not helped the sailors!

But the regatta committee found conditions to do a race in the late afternoon. Lars and Guilherme finished in third place and confirmed tthe title. 

''Was a championship with impeccable organization of the 7th District Star Class and YCSA, which is a great club host. Was a very high technical level, with World and South American champions'', said Lars Grael.

''We were lucky to get all five races in three days. The forecast wasn't good, but we did it. It was a very competitive championship from second to fifth. The class showed its strength during a pandemic by putting 13 boats in the water”, explained Arthur Lopes, Star class VII District.

Final results

1st – Lars Grael / Guilherme de Almeida – 6 lost points

2nd – Marcelo Fuchs / Arthur Lopes – 11 lost points

3rd – Robert Rittscher / Marcelo Jordão – 15 lost points

4th – Juninho de Jesus / Ubiratan Matos – 16 lost points

5th – Alessandro Pascolato / Henry Boennig – 18 lost points

6th -Admar Gonzaga / Ronald Seifert –  20 lost points

7th – Wagner Bojlesen / Bruno Ruthenberg – 26 lost points

8th – Daniel de LaTorre (ARG) / Eduardo Sampaio – 26 lost points

9th – Maurício Bueno / Pedro Trouche – 28 lost points

10th – Alberto Guarischi / Pedro Tinoco – 29 lost points

11th – Roberto Martins / Marco Lagoa – 43 lost points

12th – Jorge Bhering / Gustavo Kunze – 44 lost points

13th -Marco Szili / Kasuo Miyake – 48 lost points


Last champions list:

2021 – Lars Grael / Guilherme de Almeida

2020 – Lars Grael / Guilherme de Almeida
2019 – Lars Grael / Samuel Gonçalves
2018 – Torben Grael / Arthur Lopes
2017 – Lars Grael / Samuel Gonçalves
2016 – Torben Grael / Arthur Lopes
2015 – Lars Grael / Samuel Gonçalves
2014 – Torben Grael / Guilherme de Almeida
2013 – Lars Grael / Samuel Gonçalves
2012 – Lars Grael / Samuel Gonçalves
2011 – Lars Grael / Samuel Gonçalves
2010 – Robert Scheidt / Bruno Prada

The event organized by VII Districtor, Yacht Club de Santo Amaro, Sailing Federation of the State of São Paulo – FEVESP & Brazilian Sailing Confederation – CBVELA. The Brazilian Star is supported by Terra Nova Trading, Witec, Clinica Miyake, 1Team Cloud and 047 Digital Experian.

Contact the On Board Sports team:

Flavio Perez |
+55 11 99949-8035

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