Brazilian Sailing celebrates World Environment Day

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The activity, sponsored by Avène, took place at the Tietê Ecological Park in São Paulo

The World Environment Day will be celebrated this Wednesday, June 5th, and the Brazilian Sailing Confederation (CBVela) organized an event on the eve of the date to mark the day. This initiative involved World Sailing, sailing clubs from São Paulo, and the Brazilian Institute for Nature Protection (IBDN).

Supported by Avène, the activity took place at the Tietê Ecological Park in São Paulo and included the planting of over 417 new trees, creating the Bosque da Vela (Sailing Grove) in the city. Of these, 187 trees were planted to offset the 30 tons of carbon emissions from the 2023 Búzios Youth World Championship.

The remaining 230 trees were planted to support the reforestation project of the Tietê Ecological Park. It is estimated that approximately 67.55 tons of carbon will be removed from the atmosphere through this initiative.

"Together with World Sailing, CBVela organized the Youth World Championship with great care to minimize greenhouse gas emissions and waste generation. However, a sporting event does generate impacts that need to be compensated for. This is what we are doing by creating the Bosque da Vela in the city of São Paulo during Environment Week. CBVela operates with socio-environmental responsibility," said Sandra Di Croce Patricio, Sustainability Director of CBVela.

This action symbolizes the sailing community's commitment to environmental preservation and the importance of collective engagement in combating climate change and promoting sustainability.

The event involved approximately 30 participants, including around 15 volunteers from Pierre Fabre Laboratories, the company behind the Avène brand.

Additionally, 15 sailing professionals attended, representing traditional clubs from the Guarapiranga Reservoir, such as YCSA - Yacht Club Santo Amaro, Marina Sylvestre, Tempo Wind & Sup Club, and Clube de Campo do Castelo. The participants took part in a breathing and nature-connection exercise led by sailor Iris Fernandes Poffo, planted native Atlantic Forest saplings, and learned about Avène-supported initiatives in partnership with the sports confederation.

"Avène's partnership with CBVela aims to amplify the message of sustainability and promote concrete actions for the environment. This is a purpose of Avène, which we can realize through our biodegradable filters that do not harm marine flora. We are also pleased that this symbolic action takes place during Environment Week," highlighted Flavianne Baptista, Marketing Director of Pierre Fabre Laboratories in Brazil.

According to Rogério Iório, National President of IBDN – Brazilian Institute for Nature Protection, the NGO responsible for the planting action, this is an activity that remains memorable for participants.

"This park is an Atlantic Forest reserve and very relevant to the state of São Paulo, as it is the riparian forest of the Tietê River. Here we have produced and planted 396,000 trees of 50 different species that will live for many years. Our commitment is to reach 500,000 plantings, and we aim to leave a positive legacy for future generations of this city."

By creating the Bosque da Vela, CBVela seeks to inspire other communities and organizations to adopt sustainable practices in their daily activities. "I am here representing the clubs of São Paulo in this CBVela sustainability initiative. The sport of sailing depends on nature, and it is our responsibility to preserve it," said Volnys Bernal, president of FEVESP - São Paulo Sailing Federation.

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