Brazilian hits CONMEBOL Libertadores predictions and wins prizes

Matheus Luz de Moraes scores results since the round of 16 of the South American competition

08.02.2021  |  321 visualizações promoted a campaign in social media encouraging southamerican fans to make predictions about the results of CONMEBOL Libertadores from the round of 16 until the final, won by Palmeiras on January 30, in Rio de Janeiro (RJ). The only one to hit all the teams that would advance to the next stage until the final was the Brazilian Matheus Luz de Moraes, resident of Várzea Paulista, in the state of São Paulo.

As soon as the draw for the round of 16 of the South American competition was held, opened the virtual competition for fans to make their predictions. The probability of someone guessing all the right scores in the 2020 edition was 0.0061%.

To win the game Rumo à Glória Eterna (Towards Eternal Glory), Matheus Luz de Moraes agreed that Palmeiras would beat Delfín (Uruguay), Libertad (Paraguay), River Plate (Argentina) and Santos (Brazil) in the final. The opponents' results were also spiked by the young man from the interior of São Paulo.

''The emotion I had when I learned that I won the prize was very great, because I made the game as a form of fun, and I ended up winning! I always believed that Palmeiras would take CONMEBOL Libertadores in recent years. The only thing that complicated it was River, but I put faith that we would pass them the same in 99'', said Matheus.

Palmeirense Matheus Luz de Moraes describes how he analyzed the other key to point out the right rival of the green team in Maracanã's decision. The chips were placed at Santos, Palmeiras' traditional rival.

As for Santos, I believed they would pass, to have the same final of the 2015 Brazil Cup, where Palmeiras would win. And among all those on the other side, Santos had a very hard path, but their opponents have the habit of 'popping up', as was the case with Grêmio and Boca Jrs in Vila Belmiro '', reinforced Matheus, who will take the ball used in the final at Maracanã and a shirt from the Brazilian team signed by playmaker Rivaldo., official partner of CONMEBOL Libertadores, held several during the 2020 edition of the competition. The last campaign was the TV commercial “O Vendas de Areia”. The announcement, filmed especially for the decision, celebrates the rivalry and passion between the fans of Palmeiras and Santos in preparation for the game.

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''The difficult sequence that Matheus got right for the CONMEBOL Libertadores final showed that every result is possible. That was the topic of the competition, with electrifying games set at the last minute. The final showed that too, crowning the champion Palmeiras with a goal in extra time. Who could have predicted all of this?'', commented Maria Flavia Losse, spokeswoman for

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About is an official partner of CONMEBOL Libertadores and CONMEBOL Sul-Americana.

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